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The Family

Hello, We are the faces behind Heaven Sent Farms. Our family has been farming this land since 1872 and our hope is to continue to do so for decades to come.


Our Story

The Liggett Farm has been a family-run farm since 1872. Nestled in the rolling hills of Southwestern Pennsylvania, our farm is blessed with many natural springs. Many of these springs have been developed and are directed into watering troughs for the growing cattle herd. Fresh water and abundant grass on the 242 acre farm is our (not so) secret to raising healthy all natural grass-fed beef. We utilize a rotational grazing system to maximize the pasture grasses during the growing season. We also grow and harvest our own hay and haylage to feed to the cattle. Approximately half of the farm is pasture while the other half is used for growing the hay needed to feed our herd and a few acres of non-GMO certified organic corn which is all sold to a local distillery. A variety of crops are necessary for our crop rotation, weed control and for utilization of the substantial amount of manure produced by our cows during cold winter and calving season—about 2 months out of the year—when they are housed in the barn. The yearlings that we keep for grass-fed beef stay out on pasture and are fed haylage until it gets too cold. Then they are fed dry round bales of second cut through the winter. We grow our own oats straw bedding which keep all our cattle warm and dry. 

Meet the Family

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