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Cow Eye

Grass Fed Beef

We run a mix of Hereford and Angus. We are a small family farm where our animals live a happy and healthy life.

We sell our grass fed beef wholesale in order to make it the most budget friendly option for you. Compare our prices to your local grocery store!
Our grass fed beef is available by pre-order in the fall. We use local processors for convenient pick-up. To get your name on the list for this years beef, please contact us!


All pricing is per hot hanging weight. We cover the price of processing so all your paying for is your beef. Below are approximate prices based on 600lb hanging weight. In 2022 hanging weights ranged from 538-742lbs. 


We require a deposit when we reserve your beef.

$200 for a quarter, $400 for a half, and $800 for a whole.

Quarter = $6/lbs (approx. $900)

Half = $5.50/lbs (approx. $1,650)

Whole = $5/lbs (approx. $3,000)

The Facts


When you choose to eat meat from animals raised on pasture, you are:​

  • Helping small-scale farmers make a living from the land

  • Helping to sustain rural communities

  • Giving your family the healthiest, most nourishing meat.

Why do we prefer grass fed beef over grain fed?

  • Higher concentrations of vitamin E, CLA (nutrient associated with lower cancer risk), beta- carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids.

  • There is less saturated fat.

  • Because we don’t treat our livestock with hormones or growth-promoting additives, the animals grow at a natural pace in their natural habitat.

For these reasons and more, grass-fed animals live low stress lives, which is good for both the taste and quality of the beef.

Weekend Market
Cuts you will receive:

You will receive ground beef and a variety of other cuts: T-bone, sirloin, round steak, rib steak, flank steak, roast, rump roast, chuck roast, shoulder roast, english roast, short ribs, and stew meat.

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