Grass-fed Beef
• Grass Fed & Finished • No Sub-therapeutic Antibiotics •
• Non GMO • No Soy • Hormone Free •
• Humanely Raised on 250 Acres •

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The Facts

Our animals live a happy and healthy life

When you choose to eat meat from animals raised on pasture, you are improving the welfare of animals, helping small-scale farmers make a living from the land, helping to sustain rural communities, and giving your family the healthiest, most natural meat.

We believe raising grass fed beef provides the healthiest, most nutritious product to your table for these reasons:

  • There is more Vitamin E, CLA (nutrient associated with lower cancer risk), beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids in grass-fed beef than in grain-fed. There is less fat, specifically saturated fat, in grass-fed beef as well.
  • Because we don’t treat our livestock with hormones or growth-promoting additives, the animals grow at a natural pace in their natural habitat. For these reasons and more, grass-fed animals live low stress lives, which is good for both the taste and quality of the beef.

We run a mix of Hereford and Angus. We are not a factory farm, we are a family farm where our animals live a happy and healthy life.

Good news! We sell our all natural grass fed beef wholesale in order to make it the most budget friendly option for you. Compare our prices to your local grocery store!

Our all natural grass fed beef is available by pre-order in the Fall. Wholesale freezer beef is sold by the whole, half and quarter. All our beef is processed locally using a dry-aging process. To get your name on the list for this years beef, please request information below.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. How much does buying beef wholesale cost?
    A: 2018 Prices:

    • Whole 320-360lbs $2,300 *Best Value*
    • Half 160-180lbs $1,250
    • Quarter 80-90lbs $625

    The cost of our beef is determined by the animal. For All-Natural Grass Fed Beef, you will not find a more budget friendly option. You will pay the butcher when you pickup

    Q. Where do I pickup the beef?
    A: Cheplic Packing
    106 Cheplic Lane
    Finleyville, PA

    Q. When do I pickup the beef?
    A: This year beef will be available starting in January – February. We will call you when your beef is ready for pick up at the butcher.
    Q. What cuts will I receive?
    A: You will receive about half ground beef and the other half will be a variety of: T-bone, sirloin, round steak, rib steak, flank steak, roast, rump roast, chuck roast, shoulder roast, english roast, short ribs, and stew.
    Q. Can I request different cuts of beef?
    A: We are able to provide custom cut orders if you are ordering a whole cow. To do this we will need a $500 deposit.
    Q. What are the benefits of eating All-Natural Grass Fed Beef?
    A: Our beef is hands down the healthiest way to consume red meat. Compared with other types of beef, grass-fed beef has less total fat, more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, more CLA (a type of fat that reduces heart disease and cancer risks), more anti-oxidant vitamins such as Vitamin E, and is never exposed to GMO products, steroids, or growth hormones that grocery store beef is typically fed.